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Born To Win – A Social Enterprise which strives to eradicate social challenges.

Born to Win is a community created by the two brothers Jai Aswani and Preet Aswani, aged 17 and 13 respectively to bring together people from different walks of life who unite to create a lasting change across the world, in our communities, and in ourselves every day. Our current campaigns are Say No To Crackers, He For She, Rise For Rice and Say No To Plastics.

These are the initiatives that are already in progress:

Say No To Crackers

This door-to-door effort to raise awareness about the hazards of burning firecrackers has been a huge success with over 3000 children already pledging to stop lighting them and increasing support from corporate and educational institutions.


This campaign was able to exceed its objective of collecting and distributing 5 tons of rice to orphanages and old-age homes in just 12 months. Mission was to collect 5 tons of rice in a month, but we collected 6 tons of rice!


This program aims to spread awareness about women’s health and wellness issues. Various activities, including supporting a young visually challenged girl in running a marathon has already raised Rs.5 Lakhs to finance the effort.

Say No To Plastic Bags

B2W’s latest initiative collects old bedsheets and pillowcases from across Chennai and converts them into cloth bags that replace environmentally dangerous plastic bags. The conversion of the sheets and pillowcases to bags is done by mentally challenged women and self help groups. Over 1 Lakh cloth bags have been given free of cost to vendors across the city by the end of 2019.

Many more initiatives are in the pipeline and the growing size and strength of B2W will enable it to create even greater changes for good.

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